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       About the Artist


The most unique ideas

Sasha is a Cornish Born photographer and mother of two, who moved to Western Australia in 2015 to pursue her interests in wildlife rehabilitation, particularly the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum, 

In 2016 she founded a wildlife not for profit group Dunsborough & Busselton Wildlife Care Inc

Along the way she fell in love with Whales, having grown up by the ocean Sasha has always had a deep love of sea creatures and in particular whales and their unique journey's around the world.

Sasha has combined this with her love of ceramics, which she inherited from her grand father Jack Boundy.

Who was popular Cornish Potter called Avalon Pottery, more details can be found here:

Sasha spends her days raising her children, walking the beaches looking for trash and treasure,

putting starfish back in the ocean and cleaning up rubbish and pollution,

Rescuing all manners of wildlife and designing her clay creations.

Sasha is very creative and always a busy bee, she also sews, crochets, knits, paints and draws!